NovaWrap™ Aspire Breathable House Wrap




NovaWrap™ Aspire™ building wrap / house wrap provides advanced protection against air and moisture infiltration. Its industry leading permeance rating is optimized for better “building science.”


Features & Benefits

  • Unique moisture vapor transmission allows your home to properly “breathe” (moving water vapor from the wall cavity to the outside) enabling your wall system to properly ventilate by truly “balancing” the proper air and vapor flow
  • Meets or exceeds applicable code listings
  • Creates a continuous membrane (a protective air barrier) around a structure
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Strong and durable, non-woven design with a breathable coating membrane minimizes tearing and improves installation time and quality
  • UV stable up to 6 months
  • “Quiet”, softer material that has no annoying “flapping” sounds in the wind
  • Installs over and protects most all sheathing materials and behind most all exterior cladding materials
  • Class A Fire rated material
  • Custom Printing Available