NovaSeal Roofing Underlayment




NovaSeal® Premium Roof Underlayment is 100% synthetic and is an integral part of the 3-part IPG Total Moisture Control System that ensures superior contractor and owner satisfaction. It is environmentally friendly. It contributes to weather tightness and energy efficiency buildings for the life of the structure.

Features & Benefits

  • 40 Year Limited Warranty, to match your total roofing system, a balanced total roof protection
  • Withstands direct UV exposure for up to 6 months, extended dry-in time
  • Strong and pliable material for all-temperature installations
  • 10 square roll is light weight for easy and fast installation
  • Superior slip-resistance technology, safer and greater security under foot
  • Will not absorb, contain moisture or dry out (does not crack)
  • Durable woven construction holds up to the rugged tile, metal and slate installs
  • 5X lighter and 20X stronger than organic oil saturated felts
  • Can be used with all mechanically fastening systems and any slopes greater than 2/12
  • Unique walking surface grips tools and equipment better than the leading brands!